I've Got Sunshine DIY Sign Kit

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I've Got Sunshine DIY Sign Kit
Paint your background with the foam brush.  If using the blended color/ombre method, start with your darkest color on one end and brush back and forth until paint is distributed.  The move up the board and paint your middle color, grabbing some from the first color and mixing it in a bit with the second to get the 'seams' to blend.  Continue with the third color using the same brush and just keep going back anf forth until you get a nice mix.  Feel free to add more paint if desired to get the look you're going for....and remember, it doesn't need to be perfect!
When that's dry, take your stencil and remove the backing off your stencil, revealing the sticky side.  Place carefully down on your background and smooth out with the wooden stick.  Carefully pull up the transfer tape, making sure all edges of the stencil are secured down to the background so no paint will seep in.  
Dip the fat flat side of the sponge wedge into your black paint and dab off the excess paint.  We want to do a couple of very light coats, keeping in mind that the first coat will look spongy, and that's ok!  And then the second light coat will fill everything in nicely.
Once you're done painting, pull off your stencil and remove all the little pieces of the insides of your letters using a safety pin.  Do any necessary touch ups and you're done!!  Enjoy

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