DIY Halloween Cats

black cats DIY DIY Kits halloween Sign kits

DIY: children/teen/adult

You will receive:
large and small wood cat shapes
black paint 
foam brush
4 google eyes (various colors)
wood glue
wood stick (for applying glue)
Open your kit and lay all contents on a table
Carefully slide the raffia off of each cat. 
Use the sandpaper to sand off any rough edges on the wood. 
Use the foam brush in the black paint to paint the wood cats..start with the edges first then lay flat to paint the front of the cats. 
Let it dry completely, apply second coat if needed. 
When dry use the sandpaper to distress the edges of the cats.
Use the wood stick to apply glue to affix eyes to the cats 
Carefully slide the raffia back onto the cats and display. 

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