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4th of july DIY DIY Kits flag handprint Kids craft paint Sign kits



  1. Base coat your sign with white paint with the foam brush, start with the edges first then fill in the front of the sign with your paint.  

  2. Let it dry completely, apply a second coat if needed.  

  3. Take the wood stick to rub down the front of the vinyl stencil to make sure the image will stick to the clear tape. 

  4. Carefully peal the clear transfer tape off backing making sure the image is stuck to the tape. 

  5. Stick your stencil image on your board, use the wood stick to rub the vinyl to make sure it will stick to the board. 

  6. Slowly peal off the clear transfer tape leaving the vinyl image stencil on your board. 

  7. Use the fat part of the sponge wedge to dip into your red paint, coat your sponge in paint and dab off as much paint as you can before you start to fill in the negative space on your board. You want to use as little paint as possible, you can always go back a do many light coats.  DO NOT USE WATER.  

  8. When your paint is dry you are ready to peal off the vinyl stencil, use a safety pin to peal up any small pieces of vinyl off your board. 

  9. Use the foam brush to paint your hand with the blue color paint. For easier cleaning dip your brush into hand soap and mix it into the paint before brushing it on your hands. Press your hand on the sign to make a handprint.  
  10. use the foam brush to paint the wood star red, when it is dry enough use the sticky dots to affix the star in the middle of your handprint.

Turn board over and affix the sawtooth hanger to the top center of the sign using a hammer. 

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